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Process Serving can be a very difficult progress in serving someone and providing proper service that the Courts require. Our servers are experience to handle the most difficult serves in a timely manner. We can serve anyone in the United States no matter where they are at including if they are incarcerated. Let us at Long Island Timely Process Servers take opportunity to fulfill your request with satisfaction of a job well done.   Contact us instead.

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We have experienced servers that are very qualified to handle any type of legal documents to be served and specialize of the timely service provided in Long Island. Our process servers used state of the arts communications with GPS tracking to provide accurate information of every serve. Clients can follow every phrase from start to finish of a case. 

We provide service for Landlord/tenant evictions, subpoenas, summons & complaints, family court and matrimonial documents. We also have Mobile Notaries that can notarize important documentation of Heir Searches as they are performed. At Long Island Timely Process Servers we have the ability to run  Skip Traces on any person that is the subject that is required to complete the job. We also can provide document prepare for most courts, Family Court, Supreme Court and Un-contested Divorce. We have skilled paralegals on staff to prepare these documents at your request.

Call us to get a quote for any services need today. We also have paralegals on staff to do legal research of case law upon request. At Long Island Timely Process we try to be a One Stop for any and all your Legal requests in Long Island in a Timely and Quick Completion of Services at a affordable rate. No job is too big or too small, contractual work welcome as well at Long Island Timely Process Servers.

We also accept most Major Credit and Debit Cards.